SSFN is a Society that represents neuroscience research in Sweden

The purpose of the Society is to:
• advance the understanding of the normal function and development of the nervous system, and the diseases of the nervous system
• promote exchange between all the different disciplines of neuroscience
• promote education in neuroscience
• promote exchange and collaboration between researchers in Swedish and international neuroscience


SSFN is a full member of the Federation of Europe- an Neuroscience Societies (FENS). SSFN attends FENS Council meetings where issues for developing the neuroscience community are handled.

If you are a member of SSFN, you are also automatically a member of FENS, and have benefits:
• reduced registration rates and abstract slot sub-missions for meetings (FENS, SfN)
• travel grants, job market, free online access to the European Journal of Neuroscience and Neuronline platform



New Council appointed

We are happy to share that the following members have been appointed to the council: Karima Chergui (KI) 1 YearFredrik Elinder (LIU) 1 yearPer Petersson (UmU) 1 yearJens Hjerling-Leffler (KI) 2 yearsEric Hanse (GU) 2 Read more…

Appointed council 2023

Karima Chergui (KI) until 2024
Fredrik Elinder (LIU) until 2024
Per Petersson (UmU) until 2024
Jens Hjerling-Leffler (KI) until 2025
Eric Hanse (GU) until 2025
Nikolaos Venizelos (ORU) until 2025
Mia Ericson (GU) until 2026
Åsa Konradsson-Geuken, President Elect (UU) until 2026
Klas Kullander, President (UU) until 2026

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